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Skin cancer Comprehensive overview covers prevention and treatment and includes skin cancer pictures 11 Sep 2014 The main treatment for skin cancer is surgery. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are also sometimes used

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10 Nov 2014 Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of skin cancer 10 Dec 2011 Eggplant and Similar Plant Extracts Used for Treating Cancer Since . and natural cure for skin cancer is, of course, preventing it in the first Surgery is the most common treatment for skin cancer. Other forms of treatment include laser therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy, topical

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Learn more about various skin cancer treatment options from the experts at WebMD If tumor cells are present, treatment is required. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to eradicate squamous cell carcinoma. The choice of treatment is

28 Sep 2013 The treatment is already having 39spectacular39 effects in seriously ill melanoma patients and could soon be used to defeat other types of cancer The treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer has a high success rate, provided it is detected at an early stage. Read about the different treatment options