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This game is played by 2 teams of as many people as you want. You39ll need as many glasses as there are players in one team (all the glasses should be the If you make it, you score a point (recorded by caps neatly placed in front of the players), and the player with the next turn on the other team has to drink. However

The drinking game Caps has players throwing bottle caps into a plastic cup across a table. Learn what you need and all the rules for to play Caps on this

Caps is a drinking game that was started in Glendive, MT. It involves throwing bottle caps into 16oz-20oz beer mugs (North America, North Europe, and Its probably the funnest drinking game that no one has heard of Caps is a game that is usually played with 4 people and in a room that is about 10 feet in 23 Dec 2013 Cheesy 8039s themed instructional video on how to play the drinking game Caps. Starring Rustin Parker. DirectedProduced by William Bryhn

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Learn how to play the exciting Caps drinking game at Bar None, which is played with: As many bottle caps as you can get, At least 2 cups (standard keg cups How to Play the Drinking Game Caps. Caps is a game of skill, but most participants will find their skill decreasing as the game progresses. That39s because it39s a

Looking to learn how to play caps drinking game Don39t search too far, we have compiled a easy to follow guide that will get you started in minutes Similar to the spirit of Curling, Capling is played with a beer bottle as a target and beer caps as the objects in play. Each player in a round of