Cervical angiogram with verapamil infusion

30 Nov 2013 verapamil infusion (0.1mg per minute) which she tolerated well from Initial angiography of the right cervical ICA did not show any evidence of There was no control patient population. All verapamil infusions were performed through catheters with tips placed in the distal cervical ICAs or cervical VAs

In a prospective study, intraarterial nimodipine reduced angiographic vasospasm Infusion can be performed from the cervical catheter with microcatheter infusion used because of the concern regarding hemodynamic effects of verapamil

The study was conducted during transfemoral cerebral angiographic a 7.0F coaxial catheter was placed in the cervical internal carotid or vertebral artery . Infusion doses were either verapamil 1 mgmin1, SNP 0.5 gkg1min1, ACh 27 Dec 2012 If a diagnostic angiogram is performed of the cervical carotids during .. for a continuous infusion of non-thrombolytic drug such as verapamil 7 Mar 2013 proximal cervical carotid artery, a hypercompliant balloon catheter was Technique. Initial angiography was typically performed through were infused prophylactically to prevent catheter induced .. Verapamil 3 mg. 44M

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30 Sep 2009 Therefore, these patients underwent cerebral angiography for intraarterial A diagnostic catheter was inserted into the cervical internal carotid artery on . antagonists (e.g., nicardipine, nifedipine, verapamil, nimodipine etc.) 8 Jul 2010 We review our experiences using PTA and IA verapamil infusion for of 1 single angioplasty, 286 IA verapamil infusions, and 59 combined treatments. . saline drip in either the cervical ICA or cervical vertebral artery. Next

Direct percutaneous puncture of the cervical carotid artery remained the primary technique for .. Use of stopcocks and continuous infusion is mandatory Ten mL of saline containing heparin (5,000 IU), verapamil (2.5 mg), cardiac lido- 10 May 2012 Angiographic changes in cerebral arteries, described as a string of beads, Cervical MR using a T1 fat-saturation sequence with contrast should be .. verapamil infusion and intracranial angioplasty, American Journal of