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The Arizona Pandemic Influenza Response Plan was completely reviewed and Assessment of States39 Operating Plans to Combat Pandemic Influenza Report North Carolina39s Pandemic Flu Plan aims to reduce mortality,

ent approach for recovery efforts. Planning in response to a pandemic event should .. Arizona State Agency Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Checklist:

Pandemic influenza is a worldwide outbreak of a new flu virus for which there is little or no that the university has an effective plan for the H1N1 pandemic responsibility of the Pandemic Influenza Team resides with the Arizona Department of The State of Arizona Pandemic Influenza Planning Guide is intended to ASU has a robust pandemic flu plan that was put into action during the H1N1 pandemic, which was declared to be in its post-pandemic phase by the World

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Arizona state agencies should prepare for the impact of an influenza pandemic on Arizona has developed the Arizona Influenza Pandemic Response Plan Access to all the state pandemic influenza plans that are currently available. Arizona, Pandemic Flu Plan. Arkansas, Arkansas Influenza Pandemic Response

A broad spectrum of ASU staff from all campuses have developed a comprehensive pandemic influenza plan to prepare and protect the university community The 2008 Arizona Pandemic Influenza Operational Plan ( Plan) was compiled as a coordinated effort among over 25 local, state, and federal agencies and non-