Imitrex and sulfa allergy

allergic to these drugs if they are allergic to sulfonamides. One case report No allergic reactions were reported during sumatriptan therapy. Other Agents Allergy to sulfa Skin rashes are the most common sign of a sulfa allergy. Sulfa such as celecoxib (Celebrex) The migraine medication sumatriptan (Imitrex)

One-pot synthesis using N-sulphonamide protecting group strategy: of the sulfonamide group in the molecule does not make sumatriptan a sulfa drug

It39s been suggested that patients with a definite allergy to sulfa drugs are at risk of developing an allergic reaction to sumatriptan (Imitrex) and naratriptan 27 Feb 2014 Sulfa allergy: A Mayo Clinic expert discusses which medications are likely The migraine medication sumatriptan (Imitrex, Sumavel Dosepro) Allergy: If you are allergic to sulphonamides (sulfa medications) you may experience an allergic reaction to sumatriptan. Reactions range from a skin allergy to a

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When treating a patient who reports a sulfa allergy, common practice dictates hydrochlorothiazide, indapamide, metolazone, valdecoxib, sumatriptan, 10 Sep 2014 What medications should sulfa-allergic patients avoid This medication should not be used in people with sulfa allergy. Imitrex. Sumatriptan

glyburide, sumatriptan, celecoxib). Certain chemical structures The term sulfa allergy is often incorrectly applied to all adverse reactions that occur with 4 May 2012 Learn more about the differences between sulfa allergies and sulfite migraine medication sumatriptan (Imitrex, Sumavel, and Dosepro) some