Hair loss and endocrinology

Endokrynol Pol. 2010 Jul-Aug61(4):406-11. Methods of hair loss evaluation in patients with endocrine disorders. Olszewska M(1), Warszawik O, Rakowska A, 11 Jul 2011 A few years ago, I flew from California to New York to see an endocrinologist who specializes in female hair loss. He diagnosed me with

17 Aug 2014 I39m trying to find a doctor that could figure out why I39m losing so much hair. Has anyone seen an endocrinologist (or other kind of doctor) for

Yet few endocrinologists are trained to diagnose or treat hair loss in women. This is unfortunately because bridging the gap between specialties has made it 30 Sep 2007 Endocrinologist or Dermatologist - Which doctor whould I see for my hair loss I must first clarify and make it known that I am NOT a doctor and An endocrinologist will take a careful history and examine the scalp to be sure the hair loss is not a non-hormonal issue. Learn more from our experts about hair

Methods of hair loss evaluation in patients with endocrine disorders

Context: : Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) also known as female androgenetic alopecia is a common condition afflicting millions of women that can be 14 Oct 2007 I first started noticing that my part was really thinning back in had passed and it was time for a visit to the endocrinologist because now I was

16 Mar 2010 Hair loss is a major problem among women, and it39s a serious problem The most common endocrine cause of hair loss is hypothyroidism 2 Aug 2011 Dr. Redmond, who is the director of the Hormone Center of New York, is an Endocrinologist who understands the frustration of female hair loss,