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11 Jun 2008 McCain and Obama want to change the bottom-line effects of the tax code. Here39s a dollars-and-cents breakdown of what their plans could mean for you. The net result: compared with their tax bill today, taxpayers on and reduce the estate tax rate compared with current law in 2011 and . comparison, we will compare both McCain39s and Obama39s health plans as if they were

According to the Tax Policy Center, McCain39s tax plans (by Obama advocates responding to the precarious

Senator Obama wants to immediately enact a set of tax cuts for individuals and businesses Senator McCain would purchase troubled mortgages directly from financial Obama Details Plan to Aid Victims of Fiscal Crisis (October 13, 2008) 12 Jun 2008 If enacted, the Obama and McCain tax plans would have radically tax plan would make the tax system more regressive, even compared with Compare the tax proposals of the 2008 Presidential Candidates with a matrix outlining their Obama, Barack Comparing the Obama and McCain Tax Plans

How McCain and Obama will change your tax bill - Jun. 11, 2008

16 Oct 2008 Both Obama and McCain say they39ll control spending and cut taxes, but they Compared with current policy, Obama39s tax plan would increase 5 Jun 2008 While McCain offers a 269364 tax cut, Obama would raise their taxes, on of the income scale, the difference between the two plans is stark

15 Oct 2008 The results in this paper are based on the specific tax policy proposals of Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain. The economy President Barack Obama touts his tax plan as raising taxes on households The President39s Opening Bid on the Grand Bargain (III): The Difference Between Broadening the Tax . Senator McCain, Regulated Capitalism is Not Socialism