Lung cancer in trinidad and tobago

Nov 6, 2013 Trinidad and Tobago has one of the region39s highest cancer mortality rates, higher in men, driven by high rates of lung and prostate cancers Nov 6, 2013 Trinidad and Tobago among highest cancer mortality rates in the to prostate cancer, followed by lung, stomach and colorectal cancers and in

Nov 7, 2013 CHAIRMAN of the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society, or 38.1 per cent, was from prostate cancer, followed by bronchus and lung cancer

Nov 6, 2013 WASHINGTON (CMC) Trinidad and Tobago is among three countries to prostate cancer, followed by lung, stomach and colorectal cancers Cancer in Trinidad and Tobago 1995-1999 Leading Cancer Sites by Regional .. On the other hand, lung cancer was the fifth leading site of new cancer (493 published its first five year report, 39Cancer in Trinidad and Tobago, 1995 199939. .. on microscopically verified diagnoses, whereas Bronchus and Lung tended

TampT among highest cancer mortality in Americas The Trinidad

World Cancer Day is celebrated annually in February. This day brings back . develop in the lung, liver, bowel and Cancer in Trinidad and Tobago. Page 3 Jan 13, 2014 Cancer rates are the highest in Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba and Argentina, by stomach, lung, cervical and colorectal cancers, the report said

Trinidad and Tobago Population Pyramid. 843,000 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO LIFE EXPECTANCY HISTORY. GOOD. POOR Lung Cancers. 9.60. 111. 18 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOCANCER PROFILE. TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Lung cancer. Prostate cancer. Stomach Lung cancer. Male. 95. 19.57. -. Female