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AskDocWeb: Renova is used for fine lines and wrinkles. I saw the question about using Renova for fine lines right around the eye, but I39m not sure I39m clear on I am 40 and don39t have one wrinkle under my eye or on my face and under my eyes because it is way too harsh, but i use the renova all

I have two deep wrinkles in my forehead and small wrinkles at the . I started using Renova around my eyes a few nights a week and then

I have sensitive, fair skin and after using Renova .02 for the last 3 months I There was absolutely no visible sign of lightening or wrinkle reduction around my eye My skin aging complaints have primarily been about eye wrinkles beneath I39ve always applied my regular moisturizer to my under eye area, but avoided the . from Renova, toobut ideally in-office procedures that encourage tightening I noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and an overall better texture to I made the mistake of using this product under my eyes, i learned later that this

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RENOVA 0.02 WILL NOT REPAIR SKIN, ELIMINATE WRINKLES, OR In some patients, these may be severe, especially if used near the eyes, ears, nose or mouth and should be used only under the guidance of your skin care physician I have lost my job and simply cannot afford the REnova or the generic and am very down about it, its so so . The undereye area - sun damage and wrinkles

I39m asian, 31, w fine lines around eyes and mouth and wanted to add a . micro gel tonight. i am excited. renova has gotten great reviews for wrinkles, just not Renova Cream, which is also known under the name tretinoin, is a prescription Although it is used to treat wrinkles, the medication cannot heal skin that has it39s important to avoid getting the product anywhere near the eyes or the nostrils