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Aldara cleared all my outside warts in one week, don39t hesitate use it but you need to . I didn39t see any results so I tried an ACV treatment for two hrs one day It is manufactured as a 5 cream called Aldara. When used to treat skin cancers and pre-cancerous lesions it results in inflammation, which destroys the

questions about ALDARA cream, your healthcare provider can discuss them with you. For best results with ALDARA cream, follow your healthcare provider39s

Consumer ratings reports for ALDARA. Includes patient rankings on scale Waiting on results from biopsy, hoping they were not warts. F, 40, 7 days, 12 2014 I also used Aldara, my friends recommend it and it39s work for my warts that on my skin. I got onlu If you want quick results ask your gyno to give you TCA acid Imiquimod (marketed by 3M under the trade name Aldara) is a prescription area is left red and irritated, like i popped a large zit in the spot. good result

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Consumer ratings reports for ALDARA. Includes patient rankings on Use the MINIMAL amount possible to get the result you need. Be patient and after several hello all. So last week I started the Aldara, and amazingly, I could see results right away. I think the warts on my labia may even be gone now

Hi, I am in my fifth week of Aldara treatment and thus far I39ve seen no change. This is expected, as I read that often it takes an average of 12 Users share their experience with Aldara and comment on drug side effects, effectiveness, and treatment knowledge