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What are the symptoms of your oral cancer I have taken a picture but every single doctor I39ve been to say my mouth looks fine and there39s nothing wrong 16 May 2013 Oral cancer affects thousands of people every year. In this slideshow, see images of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, which can be

16 Oct 2014 Watch this slideshow on 15 cancer symptoms men ignore such as skin changes, A man with a thermometer in his mouth suffers from a fever

2 Oct 2014 These photos give you an idea of what possible mouth cancers look like, It39s important to be aware of the symptoms of mouth cancer so you 3 Nov 2014 the lips, cheeks, neck, and tongue. Learn about signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment. Picture of oral cancer (cancer of the mouth) 14 Apr 2014 Oral lichen planus can be chronic and may increase the risk for oral cancer. Lichen planus can also affect skin, scalp, nails, and genitals

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Mouth cancer can affect any part of the mouth, including the tongue and lips. mouth cancer symptoms, symptoms of mouth cancer, mouth cancer pictures, what Mouth cancer photo. Mouth cancer red sore. Signs and symptoms of mouth cancer may include: A sore that doesn39t heal A lump or thickening of the skin or

Symptoms of oral cancer include red or white patches on the lining of your mouth or tongue, mouth ulcers that do not heal after three weeks and pain when This collection of photos contain both cancers, and non-cancerous diseases of the oral environment which may be mistaken for malignancies. Some contain a