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Generic brands of consumer products (often supermarket goods) are distinguished by the absence of a brand name. It is often inaccurate to describe these 25 Feb 2007 A product has meaning only from the viewpoint of the customer or the ultimate Whole Product Concept Generic Product Expected Product

Information about generic in the free online English dictionary and Relating to or being a product that is sold or distributed without any brand name or without a

An example of generic is a general business plan that doesn39t have any distinctive details. noun. Generic is defined as a product without a brand name Definition of generic product: A good that is sold using the name for the type of good that it is, rather than a brand name. A generic product is typically not heavily A generic drug is a pharmaceutical product, usually intended to be interchangeable with an innovator product, that is manufactured without a licence from the

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Generic definition, of, applicable to, or referring to all the members of a genus, any product, as a type of food, drug, or cosmetic commonly marketed under a A type of consumer product that lacks a widely recognized name or logo because it typically isn39t advertised. Generic brands are usually less expensive than

Definition of generic from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio a drug) that is not sold or made under a particular brand name : a generic product Definition of generic product. A product that is sold under the general name for a type of product, rather than a brand name. Many medicines and drugs that you