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the causes and consequences of World War I. In this lesson, students will analyze ideas or information of a primary or secondary source provide an accurate Understanding Nationalism, Imperialism and Militarism during World War I. RETURN TO LESSONS PLANS This lesson will follow a discussion of the causes of WWI in Europe as well as the new technology of WWI causing total war and

May 1, 2012 Two preservice teachers prepare a lesson on the causes of World War I. They build their lesson around the acronym MANIA - Militarism,

Lesson Plans: The Great War in Global Context World War I from the German Side: Recruitment Posters amp the Letters of Paul Hubb Causes of World War I The Causes of the First World War. This lesson plan will probably occupy students for either a morning or an afternoon. The aim is to develop an understanding Whatever, the cause, The World War of 1914-18 - The Great War, as contemporaries called it -- was the first man-made catastrophe of the 20th century

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You are the Kaiser A Simulation on the Causes of World War One. Choose a Language Version: English middot Dutch middot German middot Spanish. French Lesson Plans for Causes of World War I. Derek Frieling. 10th Grade. World History. Description: Students as a group will present a persuasive argument for

The goal of this lesson is for students to be able to debate which power was responsible for the outbreak of World War I. Students will research the causes of the Jun 25, 2009 UEN Lesson Plan Causes of WWI (An Introductory Lesson) An introductory lesson that overviews the four main causes of World War I