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Recognizing that these primary care professionals are on the frontline of diabetes treatment, Joslin has produced Joslin39s Diabetes Deskbook to offer its Health care delivery in type 2 diabetes. A survey in an Italian primary care practice. Andrea Modesti, Roberto Bartaloni, Franca Bellagamba, Rossano Caglieri,

Primary Care Diabetes is the official journal of Primary Care Diabetes Europe. Now Indexed in Breaking down barriers to insulin management in primary care

PURPOSE We wanted to describe how primary care clinicians care for patients with type 2 diabetes. METHODS We undertook a cross-sectional study of 95 23 May 2014 About 25.8 million U.S. children and adults have diabetes. In 2013, diabetes accounted for 176 billion in direct medical costs. Part of the aim of 26 Jun 2014 Using a system for primary care management of patients with diabetes may reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, and retinopathy over

Joslin39s Diabetes Deskbook - A Guide for Primary Care Providers

4 Mar 2013 We found evidence that CCM approaches have been effective in managing diabetes in US primary care settings. Organizational leaders in 13 Sep 2013 There is a considerable literature on the management of diabetes and also on communication in primary care consultations. However, few

Am J Manag Care. 2010 Sep16(9):652-6. Integrating nurse-directed diabetes management into a primary care setting. Davidson MB(1), Blanco-Castellanos M, No one in the know doubts that most diabetes care is done by primary care providers. No more than 20 of people with diabetes ever see an endocrinologist,