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A collection of lesson plans and classroom activities for astronomy and space. Scale of the universe, stars, black holes, galaxies, life on Earth and in the Death of Sun-like stars Life Cycle of Stars principles to various NASA pictures of stars to synthesize patterns of stellar life cycles. Teacher Lesson Plans

Get a FREE space exploration lesson plan for Grades 4-5 from Discovery Education. FREE lesson Compare the life cycles of small, medium, and large stars

Organizing a general class discussion that reviews the key ideas about light and color. Performing a You can also do the Star Light, Star Bright lesson off-line Lesson Plan G2. The Stars. Introduction. We see the stars as tiny points of light in the sky. They may all look the same but they are not. They range in size, color, Lesson Plan for: The Life Cycle of Stars. Subject. Earth Science. Unit. Space. Objectives amp. Outcomes. The students will understand the basic processes that

Astronomy and Space Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities

Constellations. Lesson Plan. Goals. By the end of this project, students should be able to: Connect the dots to form constellations from stars. Compare their Grades K 2 Education Guide. Pre-Program Lesson Plans: Pre-Survey Questionnaire. Lesson 1 The Little Star That Could Vocabulary With Assessment

star preschool lesson plans. Art Fingerprint Constellations Have the children make orange fingerprints on a piece of paper. Use a non-toxic ink pad. Show the Star Light, Star Bright Teacher Page: Lesson Plan Index: Goal Purpose Desired Learning Outcomes Prerequisites New Vocabulary General Misconceptions