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10 Aug 2011 Alfacalcidol and paricalcitol are vitamin D analogs used for the treatment .. of equal doses of alfacalcidol and calcitriol suppressed PTH to the To compare the effect of equal doses of oral calcitriol and alfacalcidol on intact randomized to either oral calcitriol or oral alfacalcidol 0.75 mcg three times

Recent studies with the new analogues must be viewed against the backdrop of historical data obtained with calcitriol and alfacalcidol. Both of these, which still

8 Mar 2012 However, alfacalcidol is rapidly converted in the liver directly to calcitriol. This bypasses the step required by the kidneys and means the vitamin 29 Oct 2009 Oral alfacalcidol is effective in controlling secondary hyperparathyroidism with an adjusted dose 1.5 times that of oral calcitriol, a study showed Compared with calcium Alfacalcidol or calcitriol (vitamin D analogues) and calcium seem equally effective at reducing vertebral fractures in postmenopausal

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calcitriol and alfacalcidol in patients with hyperparathyroidism secondary to hemodialysis. M. D. Arenas, S. Muray, M. L. Amoedo, J. J. Egea, I. Milln and M. T. In each of the three analyses, 1-year costs related to drug therapy and all-cause hospitalisations for paricalcitol, calcitriol and alfacalcidol therapy were

Most patients require treatment with calcium andor calcitriol or alfacalcidol. In some countries calcitriol or alfacalcidol but not both are available. This does not Patients with chronic renal disease cannot convert calcifediol to calcitriol. Alfacalcidol (1hydroxyvitamin D3), a synthetic analogue of calcitriol, is rapidly