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7 Aug 2013 Dr. Wedro takes you through the process of caring for stitches (sutures). Proper care of stitches decreases the risk of infection Apply vitamin E after the stitches have been removed and the wound is completely healed. Vitamin E has long been used to minimize scarring. Before applying

24 Oct 2013 Apply vitamin E oil to the skin39s surface after your doctor has removed the stitches and the wound has healed. According to Dr. James F. Balch,

Use these for 3 days following the removal of your stitches. Apply the Vitamin E in the morning and the Lavender oil in the evening. Vitamin E helps soften and yep Invite vitamin E oil will be your best friend ) In the meantime until stitches come out, I wouldn39t apply anything. Wait until the wound 24 Aug 2009 Sometimes physicians do recommend vitamin E: I had a bone implant in my big toe. When my doctor took out my stitches, he told me to rub

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26 Jun 2012 One of the most popular is vitamin E, which is found in many skin creams. .. Required stitches after smashing my face in a fall, used silicon 26 Oct 2011 If in doubt about whether stitches are in order, see a doctor in a timely You might have heard that vitamin E can help reduce scarring, but this

My 4yo fell and cut his chin on Monday, and he got three stitches. What can I do to Cut the tip off of a vitamin E capsule and apply the oil to the scar. Vitamin E 31 Mar 2008 Q. I think you have alarmed people unnecessarily with your thoughtless remarks on vitamin E. You said that applying vitamin E oil to scars did