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The location of your cancer - Stage 3 lung cancer is broken down into stage 3A lung cancer and stage 3B lung cancer, depending upon which tissues near the Stage 3A non-small cell lung cancer is considered a locally advanced cancer, meaning the tumor has not spread to distant regions of the body but has spread

For many stage IIIA cancers and nearly all stage IIIB cancers, the tumor is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to remove. For example, the lung cancer may have

OBJECTIVE: To determine survival of patients with stage IIIAB non-small cell lung cancer considering disease stage and treatment methods. MATERIAL AND Survival rates of lung cancer are often based on outcomes of people who39ve had the 5-year Observed Survival Rate. IA. 49. IB. 45. IIA. 30. IIB. 31. IIIA Extensive stage is used to describe cancers that have spread widely . lobe of a lung. The cancer has not spread to lymph nodes or distant sites. Stage IIIA

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30 Jun 2014 The following stages are used for non-small cell lung cancer: Occult (hidden) stage Stage 0 (carcinoma in situ) Stage I Stage II Stage IIIA 30 Apr 2014 As you might expect, the survival statistics fall with more advanced stages of lung cancer. Again, stage 3 is divided into stage 3A and stage 3B

6 Aug 2014 Standard Treatment Options for ResectedResectable Stage IIIA N2 NSCLC Current evidence suggests that lung cancer resection combined In the past, radiotherapy was considered the standard therapy in IIIA and IIIB but The West Japan Lung Cancer Group (22) randomized 320 stage-III A and B