Mental illness and the death penalty

Mental Illness and the Death Penalty in North Carolina (2009 PDF). Significant numbers of individuals with serious mental illnesses are housed in North The execution of those with mental illness or the insane is clearly prohibited by international law. Learn more about the death penalty and the mentally ill

Defendant39s Mental Illness Does Not Place Him in the Same Protected Category, Preventing Execution, as a Mentally Retarded Defendant. In Matheney v. State

Different mental disorders can affect a defendant39s case in different ways. Having a mental illness does not exempt an inmate from the death penalty, but it can 2 Dec 2014 The case has drawn global attention, with the U.N. human rights experts on Tuesday calling on Texas to halt the execution Over the past thirty years, the number of people with mental health conditions and other mental disabilities on death row has steadily increased.6 Although

Mental Illness and the Death Penalty American Civil Liberties Union

ACLU: Mental Illness and the Death Penalty: Background information, including the various points in a case at which mental illness is an issue, descriptions of Mental illness is not only a problem on Death Row. In 1998, the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated that 283,000 mentally ill individuals were incarcerated in

4 Dec 2014 Case raises critical moral and legal questions about the death penalty 29 Sep 2014 Today, at 6pm, the State of Florida is scheduled to kill my brother, Thomas Provenzano, despite clear evidence that he is mentally ill. By no