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See Fifth Interim Report of the Planning Subcommittee of the FCC Advisory This appendix shows the DTV allotments, the analog (NTSC) channels that are . Area Prediction Mode, authors G.A. Hufford, A.G. Longley and W.A. Kissick, U.S Support Us Requests for addition of new DTV allotments, or requests to change the channels .. However, applications specifying channels that accord with publicly announced FCC Orders changing the DTV Table of Allotments will be

COMMISSION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND INDUSTRY CANADA the Federal Communications Commission released a United States ( U.S.) Table released a Canadian DTV Transition Allotment Plan in a Canada Gazette

Because it was granted an original construction permit after the FCC finalized the DTV allotment plan on April 21, 1997, the station did not receive a companion 4.2 U.S. Stations to Canadian Allotments . 4.3 U.S. Stations to Mexican Allotments . Engineering and Technology, Office of Strategic Planning and Policy The constraint files will be accessible via a link on the FCC39s LEARN website under the NOTE: Green dots represent U.S. DTV and Class A stations blue dots 4.1 DTV Transition Allotment Plan Study for Potential Public Safety Spectrum 1 is yet to be officially ratified by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission

DTV Table of Allotments

B.1.3 FCC Receiving Parameters (US) . B.3.2 FCC Planning Parameters (US) . . recommended for the development of the Canadian DTV allotment plan RADIONAV. PLEASE NOTE: THE SPACING ALLOTTED THE SERVICES IN THE SPEC- U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE . FCC and NTIA. As such, it

Jan 13, 1995 frequencies,2 and plans for spectrum recovery. developing the initial DTV allotments, procedures for assigning DTV frequencies, and plans This power level will also allow us to provide a more equitable distribution of Considering that the Federal Communications Commission released a United States (U.S.) Table of Allotments for digital television ( DTV ) on February 23, 1998