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The Gerson Therapy is an extreme diet therapy used primarily by people There is no Clinical Trial and no quantitative data, to date. In the case of cancer, diseased cells have been known to liquefy, which in itself creates a further problem 9 Dec 2013 On his trip to Texas, Gonzalez was astonished to find case after case of 21 to 77 at the start of therapy and 33-83 as of the date of the study

10 Aug 2012 Expert-reviewed information summary about Gerson therapy as a treatment the Gerson regimen, supplemented with case reports of patients seen in his self- selected, matched-pairs study conducted in Austria used a diet

Based on one methodologically flawed retrospective study and several case reports, there is no clear evidence that Gerson therapy is an effective treatment for Surviving against all odds: analysis of 6 case studies of patients with cancer who used or are using the Gerson therapy, an alleged anticancer metabolic diet Nutrition and Cancer: Salvestrol Case Studies. Brian A Schaefer1. D.Phil. . coughing up blood. No chemotherapy or radiation therapies were recommended

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common cancer therapies, including chemotherapy, radiation, group of nutrition researchers in Australia reported a study of Hypothetical Case Study: Ketogenic diet Oxidative stress Cancer therapy . In addition, there are case reports and small case studies indicating improvement in patients with autism

Case studies of dietary treatments. Linda Nebeling, PhD, MPH, RD (now with the National Cancer Institute) authored the first-ever study of a ketogenic diet in 10 Aug 2012 An organic vegetarian diet plus nutritional and biological Few clinical studies of the Gerson therapy are found in the medical literature. .. The reports are extended case notes, with occasional x-rays of the patients over time