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14 May 2013 My husband and I have just started trying to conceive, but his GP recently found his cholesterol was high and has put him on a statin drug The National Lipid Association (NLA) recommends discontinuation of cholesterol lowering medications 4 weeks prior to attempting to become pregnant

Will I need to stop taking my cholesterol medication while I am pregnant Women who are pregnant or who are trying to conceive should not be taking these

16 Aug 2013 Fetal malformations occur early in pregnancy, so stop taking statin drugs before you get pregnant. Photo Credit pregnancy test - positive image 22 May 2014 Couples with high cholesterol have a harder time conceiving mean that couples seeking to conceive should take common medications such 23 Dec 2014 Also, some fertility medications increase the risk for multiple births Women with PCOS have high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and low

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It is recommended that anyone who is planning to fall pregnant, should stop taking any cholesterol lowering medication 3 months before conceiving. Medication 23 Apr 2013 My cholesterol was 10.1 before starting statins but is now down to 5.7. . sure I had stopped my medication prior to trying to get pregnant and

21 May 2014 Couples with high cholesterol levels took longer to conceive Additional source: CDC Vital signs: Prevalence, treatment, and control of high 20 May 2014 It39s also not clear if taking drugs to lower cholesterol would shorten the time to conception. We don39t know that yet. Our study was not designed