What are some treatments of cancer

A number of experimental cancer treatments are also under development. . The treatment of some leukaemias and lymphomas requires the use of high-dose Information on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapies, and other cancer treatment methods

28 Mar 2014 Some people with advanced lung cancer may have biological therapy. There is information below about the treatment of non small cell cancer

cancer treatment who meet certain study criteria. Others may choose alternative cancer treatments , which are usually not FDA-approved and often given in The cancer treatment options your doctor recommends depends on the type and stage of cancer, possible side effects, and the patient39s preferences and overall If cancer makes you feel as if you have little control over your health, alternative cancer treatments may offer some feeling of control. But many alternative cancer

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21 Jul 2014 It depends on the kind of breast cancer and how far it has spread. People with breast cancer often get more than one kind of treatment Lasers, which are very powerful, precise beams of light, can be used instead of blades (scalpels) for very careful surgical work, including treating some cancers

We39ll also discuss the possible side effects of these treatments. For more specific information on how a certain type of cancer is treated, please visit our Learn 13 May 2014 Hormone therapy is sometimes used to treat certain kinds of prostate and breast cancers. Immunotherapy is treatment designed to boost the