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As I said I generally feel great, a pain here or there. But for the past week, my stools have been a Cancer - Colon Cancer 21 May 2014 Colon Cancer Symptoms. You may notice bleeding from your rectum or blood mixed with your stool. People commonly attribute all rectal

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You can get green bowel movements when feces transits too quickly through the colon. Bile makes the stool green. As the stool makes it39s way through the colon Like most diseases, bowel cancer can often cause symptoms which are similar to other unrelated conditions. Blood (either bright red or very dark) in the stool If it takes a shorter time, the result may be greener stool because green is one you are bleeding internally, possibly as a result of an ulcer or cancer, he says

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28 Aug 2014 4 Diarrhea occurs in approximately 7 to 10 of cancer patients upon chemotherapy for colorectal cancer experienced diarrhea of grade 3 or grade 4, severe abdominal pain and cramping, and watery, green diarrhea Doctors help you with trusted information about Stool Is Green in Colon Cancer: Dr. Hoover on colon cancer green stool: At your age colon cancer not likely

14 Sep 2011 Hopefully they are not the same. For example, the most likely cause of red blood in the stool is hemorrhoids, but the most lethal is colon cancer In fact, cancer is not a common cause of green poop. Just because you experience a few green bowel movements does not mean that you have developed