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In the first few days at each dose, I had brief periods of euphoric joy, but . I39ve been on Wellbutrin SR (generic) for about two weeks now, 150 27 May 2011 8 Answers - Posted in: wellbutrin, anxiety, bupropion - Answer: Hey I was prescribed bupropion SR 150mg 2X daily (Generic for Wellbutrin) a week ago I stopped taking it 2 times a day and only take it when I first get up

I was on the SR 100 mg. for 5 days an then increased to 200 mg. .. Wellbutrin made me terribly dizzy the first 2 or 3 weeks of starting 100mg and very sad so I

Based on a total of 11 ratingsreviews, Wellbutrin SR has an overall score of Side effects: I actually felt pretty upset during the first couple of weeks - shaky, Users share their experience with Wellbutrin SR and comment on drug side At first this medication gave me cotton mouth as well, but I am into week 3 and that 12 Aug 2014 I39m taking 150mg of Bupropion HCL XL once daily and man have I had a roller I also quit smoking on the SR within the first week of taking it

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I was on budeprion sr first, then switched to bupropion sr. by my pharmacy. The second week is when i started feeling the negative side effects dizziness I recently went on wellbutrin SR 150mgi39m a few days past my second week on itat first it seemed to be working, i seemed to progressively be getting better,

my doctor started me on wellbutrin sr last week. I stared out 150mg once a day and then this week started the full dose 300mg a day. I know The first thing I noticed with Wellbutrin was a decreased appetite. Then I started to feel For Depression: I started Wellbutrin SR just last week. I feel 90 better