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Australian Red Cross has developed these resources to help teachers educate students from pre-school to Resources for educators: recovery lesson plans The American Red Cross Masters of Disaster curriculum includes lesson plans that help educate children about disaster safety and preparedness

The American Red Cross Masters of Disaster curriculum is centered on a series of ready-to-go lesson plans that help both organizations and parents educate

American Red Cross Swim Lesson Levels. Level 1: Water Exploration (Shallow water lesson). Fully submerge face in water. Front and back float with support This page provides resources for lesson plans surrounding humanitarian law for young people American Red Cross Swim Levels. Swim Lesson Guide. Which Level is right for my child Level 1 is for beginners with little or no experience in the water

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Two lessons designed to help you teach first aid to young people aged 1116. British Red Cross Follow our 39First aid basics39 lesson plans in one or two sessions to give students aged 11-16 a taste of first aid learning from the Life. Live it This lesson addresses the topic of current events by examining the works of the Access to the Internet andor access to a local branch of the Red Cross

presented a plan for the waterproofing of. America to the Red Cross in 1912. Soon after, the Red Cross Life Saving Corps (forerunner of the present-day Red Lessons based on stimulating videos, intriguing photos and challenging real-life situations, ideal for citizenship, PSHE and beyond