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23 Sep 2008 Allergies are an equal opportunity annoyer -- and even doctors are bothered by them. While conventionally trained physicians might seek relief If spring and fall send your seasonal allergies into a spin, many experts say look to Mother Nature for relief that can be as comforting and easy as a day at the

Get natural allergy relief with these natural remedies including herbs like nettle, i found a holistic doctor that swore by this and i tried it and got immidiate relief

Most allergy medications attempt to treat the symptoms your body instigates to get rid of the allergen. . Treating Allergies Naturally ( An allergy is an overaggressive immune response triggered by ingesting certain foods, Herbal medicines rarely have significant side effects when used Learn how to ease seasonal allergies with 10 time-tested homeopathic DO, a family practitioner at Patients Medical holistic wellness center in New York City

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Natural allergy relief begins with a holistic assessment of what39s causing the allergy, says Dr. Michael Cantwell, lead physician at San Francisco39s Institute for Tired of allergy meds that make you, well, tired Try these natural allergy remedies to cut back on seasonal sniffles

NAET Nutritional Therapy can provide relief for allergies that often result in allergy-related autism. Visit HCA in Grand Rapids MI for more information 24 Aug 2011 Clifford Bassett, MD, medical director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York sheds some light on this by using the example of ragweed,