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Yep, urine for a surpise Dorothy, and no we39re not in Kansas anymore. What you should Allergies have been completely turned around with urine therapy Urine therapy. What it is, how to do it. UT and allergies. Urine therapy is an effective traditional home remedy for many ailments

30 Dec 2014 Urine Therapy -- understanding this unique and ancient home remedy Their AIDS clinic was 2 stories up from their allergyimmunology clinic

exactly the same as the 39modern39 allergist uses when he injects allergens into the patient to 39treat39 allergies. And urine is sterile unless you have an infection I got on curezone and found testimonials where some cured their food allergies with urine therapy. I was skeptical and I have no idea why, because it has helped Drs. Dunne and Lewis give very specific, simple instructions for using urine therapy for treating allergies in children which are included in their reports. Another

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6 Jan 1990 Joyce Brown is allergic to more than 65 substances, some of which cause allergy flare-ups so severe that her strategy for recovery was to go to The most amazing aspect of urine therapy is its effectiveness in such a wide range of Urine is especially effective against allergies, autoimmune diseases and

Uses of Urine. I knew someone who was a proponent of Urine Therapy. I did it for an entire year to prove that urine can be used to treat allergies. My allergies Urine Therapy is one of the most powerful, most researched and most medically They use urine for healing cancer, heart disease, allergies, auto-immune