Cell phone cancer parotid

3 Jul 2006 Detailed information about mobile phone use was collected from 60 cases of malignant parotid gland tumors (85 response rate), 112 benign 18 Apr 2011 Chinese researchers in Beijing are seeing some of the highest rates of cancer ever reported in any cell phone study. They have found that

Mobile Phones: It39s Not Just About Brain Tumors It begins as a lump or mass Parotid tumors have not received much attention until recently. Roger Ebert, 63

Eur J Cancer Prev. 2012 Nov21(6):576-9. Use of wireless phones and the risk of salivary gland tumours: a case-control study. Sderqvist F(1), Carlberg M, In one study that followed more than 420,000 cellphone users over a 20-year Cellular phone use and riskf of benign and malignant parotid gland tumors A 13 Jan 2014 Salivary gland cancers are more common in men than in women. an increased risk of parotid gland tumors among heavy cell phone users

Mobile Phone Use and Risk of Parotid Gland Tumor

5 Jan 2011 Cell phone cancer risk is manifested in the incidence of tumors in the parotid gland - the salivary gland near the cheek, where most users hold 6 Dec 2007 The objective of this nationwide study was to assess the association between cellular phone use and development of parotid gland tumors

15 Feb 2008 A new study finds an association between heavy cell phone use and tumors of the salivary gland. Those who used a cell phone heavily on the A large study in Israel looked into the link between using a mobile phone and parotid gland tumours. This study was looking at