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30 Sep 2014 All about ovarian cancer - symptoms and causes tests and scans to diagnose cancer of the ovary treatment, including surgery and Ovarian cancer is a cancer that begins in an ovary. It results in abnormal cells that have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body. When this

Ovarian cancer is a malignancy arising from the ovary. It is the leading cause of death from gynaecological cancer in the UK. Early symptoms may be subtle

It is the fifth most common cancer among women after breast cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer and cancer of the uterus (womb). Ovarian cancer is most This section is about cancer of the ovary, which is also called ovarian cancer. It includes information about how it is diagnosed, treatments you might have, Ovarian cancer signs amp symptoms - What are the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer Worried that a potential symptom might be ovarian cancer Target

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Overview of ovarian cancer and tests used to help evaluate women who may have the disease If your doctor suspects that you might have ovarian cancer, you should see a gynecologic oncologist (a doctor who specializes in treating cancer of the female

What is ovarian cancer Ovarian cancer is a growth of abnormal malignant cells that begins in the ovaries (women39s reproductive glands that produce ova) Early-stage ovarian cancer rarely causes any symptoms. Advanced-stage ovarian cancer may cause few and nonspecific symptoms that are often mistaken for