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Trix77 wrote: the simplified scientific verison (or how i understand it) : Oxytocin is the hormone that39s released during sex. it39s commonly called the 39love Attachment on the other hand is different story. The human body is equipped with neurohormones, such as oxytocin and vasopressin. Oxytocin is a hormone

This also serves to assist the uterus in clotting the placental attachment point postpartum. However, in knockout mice lacking the oxytocin receptor, reproductive

May 13, 2011 Suddenly, after sex, proclamations of love and living happily ever after acts similarly to oxytocin to increase feelings of attachment and love Aug 6, 2010 Sexual relationships without commitment still have a lasting bond. Oxytocin even has the power to sustain attachment within abusive Nov 9, 2011 This power-hormone39s most famous achievement, though, is that it39s Sex causes an irrational attachment one that doesn39t necessarily

Is sex without emotional attachment possible for women : Dating

Aug 29, 2011 A key hormone released during sex is oxytocin, also known as the 39cuddle hormone39. This lowers our defences and makes us trust people more The link between the hormone oxytocin and female orgasm, bonding and attachment by Dawn Michael. When we can look at a woman39s sexual health from the

This is the first stage of love and is driven by the sex hormones testosterone and It makes us want to stay together to enter the next stage of love attachment Lust is driven by the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen. Attachment is a longer lasting commitment and is the bond that keeps couples together when