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Some of the insurance companies that offer 403 (b) retirement plans are Metlife, Nationwide, and Chase. 403 (b) plans are available through some employers. 14 Aug 2012 In a nutshell, 801(k) plans allow you to buy company stock directly from a corporation

Investing in an 801k plan is one way by which investors can earn a decent return investment plan lets an investor buy shares of stock directly from a company

It39s just a glorified way of calling a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). They39ve been around for a . What companies offer U.S. 801K plans Raven Industries An 801K plan is the generic term that refers to the purchase of equity shares ( stock)directly from a company rather than through traditional An 801k plan is a another name for a Dividend Re-Investment Plan. You can convert an IRA into an 801k plan if the stock company or its transfer agent allow it

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So, you may have figured this out on your own, but 801K plans are simply Dividend Reinvestment Programs (DRIPs). This is a program whereby companies 8 Nov 2007 Personal finance columnist Shannon Buggs answers readers39 questions about managing money. Q: Have you heard of U.S. 801(k) plans

5 Oct 2009 What is an 801k plan This is a direct stock, purchase option, from a large stable company. Shareholders can purchase stock directly from a 801k plans are taxable, unlike a 401k, and do not provide the employer DRIPs generally require that you own at least one share of stock in the company